Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion

Hey guys!

I did a review on the Tony Moly Pokemon Lip Tints couple weeks ago. In the post, I mentioned how I also bought a few other items in their series. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion!

Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion

Must I say any more? The packaging is extremely cute! When applying makeup with this product, it automatically makes me feel happy. The packaging is too adorable.

The mini cover cushion comes in two shades.

  • 01 Skin Beige
  • 02 Warm Beige

The product claims to have a whitening effect, improvement on wrinkles and protection against UV rays.

I purchased Warm Beige from YesStyle for $13.90USD. It’s affordable but the product is mini sized. Packaging makes it worth it for me though.  I didn’t expect the puff to look like an actual Poké Ball. 😍

Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion #2 Warm Beige

Below is what it looks like once applied to my skin. A little goes a long way!

Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion Warm Beige

Let’s first start off with a bare clean face. You can see that I have uneven skin tone, dark circles under my eyes, acne scars on my chin, and redness around my nose.

No makeup

I decided to put the product on half of my face so you guys can see the comparison. One side is definitely whiter than the other side. Haha!

Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion

Lastly, the rest of my face! Wow! Immediately brightened my complexion.

Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion


  • Medium to full coverage.
  • Covered my little acne scars around my chin.
  • Covered redness around my nose.
  • Does not make me break out.
  • Compact enough to take on the go.


  • Puff is a little small.
  • Does not have a wide range of shades to choose from.
  • Dewy finish.

I completed my makeup with loose finishing powder to reduce the shine. Add bronzer if the shade of the cushion is a little too light for your skin tone.

My appearance from my initial photo looked a little dull. With the product, I immediately look more awake. I believe the brightening effect from the product gave me that flawless glow. It’s really amazing what makeup can do.

I really like how the product also has SPF 50+ which means it has really good protection from the sun. There are many things I like about this product but it’s not a product I would wear on a daily for work. Dewy products don’t last very long on my skin because of my oily/combination skin. I would use this again if I need to go out for couple hours. It’s quick and easy to apply. 😊

Thanks again for stopping by!

Until next time!

❤️ Connie

P.S. Any face products that don’t make me break out is a plus in my books! 😁

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