Japan Visee Super Slim Gel Liner

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday! 🤗

I got my hair bleached by my friend this past weekend. It was my first time so I didn’t know what to expect. My ends turned green but hopefully it can be color corrected during my second session with her in a couple of weeks. My hair is going to change color again. Super excited though!

blonde hair

Do any of you buy a lot of clothes? A lot of shoes? A lot of scarves? A lot of coats? Whatever it may be, the older items eventually get pushed to the back of the closet hidden away by items you’ve recently purchased. Can any one else relate? I’m super guilty of this. This is me with makeup and skincare.

I have a few holy grail makeup products, but I still buy new makeup because I’m interested in trying them later. Over time, I start hoarding a lot of products. I’ve tried a lot of eyeliners. Recently, I’ve been using the Marc Jacobs Highliner Eye Crayon Eyeliner. I purchased a couple of them because it always runs out of stock. I really like how it doesn’t smudge.

My mom went to Korea and Japan awhile back. She brought back a lot of makeup and face masks. This week, I’ll be reviewing the Visee Super Slim Gel Liner. It was one of my souvenirs from Japan. My mom purchased it because it was a hot selling eyeliner at the time. I’m not sure how much she bought it for but I was able to find it on Amazon for $16.70USD. It’s a little pricey but the quality of the eyeliner is really good.

The Visee Super Slim Gel Liners have three different shades.

  • BK 001 Black
  • BR 320 Brown
  • GR 720 Stylish Khaki

The shade that I got to try was BR 320. I like brown eyeliners for every day use because they’re more natural than black eyeliners.

Visee Super Slim Gel Eye Liner

Visee Super Slim Gel Eye Liner

Just by the cover, you can see the tip is extremely tiny. It claims to measure at 1.5mm.

Visee Super Slim Gel Eye Liner

Here’s a comparison of the size of the eyeliner with the tip of a safety pin.

Visee Super Slim Gel Eye Liner

This has to be the smallest gel eyeliner pencil I have ever seen. The precision is comparable to the felt tip of liquid eyeliners.

Visee Super Slim Gel Eye Liner


  • Does not need to be sharpen, just twist.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Glides on with ease.
  • Wore it for the entire working day and it didn’t smudge at all.
  • The tip is so fine that it can create an extremely precise line.
  • Thin enough to look really natural on the eyes.
  • Super easy to use.


  • Maybe price?

A lot of eyeliner pencils are very thick and require sharpening. There are a lot of gel eyeliner pencils out in the market but never have I seen the tip as small as the Visee Super Slim Gel Liner. It’s really different than what I’m use to. I’ve tried the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in the past and many others. They are all similar in size to my Marc Jacobs Highliner pictured below.

Visee Super Slim Gel Liner and Marc Jacobs Highliner

You can definitely see the difference in precision between the two.

Visee Super Slim Gel Liner and Marc Jacobs Highliner

Overall, the Visee Super Slim Gel Liner is really great. This is going to be my new favorite everyday gel eyeliner pencil. Thank you mom for buying a couple when you went to Japan. 😘

Visee Super Slim Gel Eye Liner

Thanks again for stopping by!

Until next time!

❤️ Connie


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