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Dual Spring Hair Removal Tool

Hey guys!

Let’s talk about hair removal this week. There are different techniques recommended to remove hair on different parts of your body. Shaving is recommended for underarms and legs. Waxing is recommended for legs and bikini area. Tweezing is recommended for eyebrows. Threading is recommended for eyebrows, chin and upper lips. Laser hair removal is for long term results that can be done all over the body.

I have to admit that I gave waxing a try at least three times in my life. All three times made me feel very miserable. Beauty is pain! Just kidding. Haha. Maybe sometimes. It peeled my skin, left sticky residue on my skin, and made me bleed. Not something I would try again.Β πŸ™ƒ

Have any of you guys owned an epilator? It’s an electrical hair removal device that works as if multiple tweezers are removing your hairs at one time. It sounds painful but becomes bareable once your skin gets use to it. It doesn’t hurt as much as waxing. Keep in mind that I have pretty low tolerance for pain. I like to use my Panasonic Epilator on my arms.

Do you guys know what an epistick is? I’ve owned one of these tools since I was in high school. I really like using it to remove mini facial fuzz. It’s more gentle when it comes to plucking and doesn’t take as long as using a tweezer. The facial tool was really inexpensive and it has lasted me for years!

Warning: May be TMI. This blog will have a picture of my not so appealing arm cause it contains hair. Read with caution.

Below is a photo of my old, soon-to-be retired, epistick. Still in really good condition after so many years.Β πŸ™‚

Epistick Hair Remover

One day I was browsing the internet and came across a hair removal device called the Epi-roller.Β It looked like a newly improved version of my epistick. The Epi-roller was expensive because it was made in Japan. I looked for a cheaper alternative. When I saw this tool on Amazon, I had to buy it to try it out for myself. I purchased the Dual Spring Hair Remover from Amazon for $5.49USD.

Epistick Epiroller Hair Remover

My epistick uses the springs to lightly pluck away fine hairs. I did a little test on my arm to see if the dual spring tool worked as well as the epistick. You just need to roll the device back and forth in different directions.


As you can see, the tool plucked away the little fine hairs near my wrist. Removing the dark hairs that surrounded my skin lightened the color of my skin and made my arm feel really smooth. No more dark hairs to add contrast to the skin!

Dual Spring Hair Remover

Overall, I really love this product. I really loved my epistick but I think it’s about time for it to retire. Instead of using two hands to remove little baby hairs on my face, I can now just use one hand to remove hairs! It’s really awesome how the device is so inexpensive too. Keep in mind that it works great for fine hairs but not great for thick coarse hairs.

Let me know ifΒ you guys have tried any of these products. Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time!

❀️ Connie



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