Tony Moly Pokemon Mini Cushion Blusher

Hey guys!

I’m back with another review on a product from the Tony Moly Pokemon series. Today I’ll be reviewing the Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher.

tony moly pokemon mini cushion blusher

The Tony Moly blush series has three different shades.

  • 01 Pink Fantasy
  • 02 Rose Coral
  • 03 Peach Orange

I purchased the Pink Fantasy from YesStyle for $13.90USD. The price is expensive for a mini cushion blush but this product will last you for awhile. The packaging is very similar to the Mini Cover Cushion that I reviewed about a month ago. It has a cute Pikachu that matches the box with a Poké Ball puff!

tony moly mini cushion blusher pink fantasy

The color looks really pretty from the packaging! I couldn’t wait to try it. I used the puff to pat some product onto my arm. The color is like a pale rosy pink.

Tony Moly Pokemon Mini Cushion Blusher

The product was applied to one side of my cheek. The other side did not have the blush. Could you guys tell the difference?

20170307_172257 (blog)

20170307_172525 (blog)


  • Sweet scent.
  • Highlighted cheek bone.
  • Slight natural rosy pigmentation for light skin tone.
  • Compact enough to take on the go.


  • Color differs from packaging.
  • Not good for people with dark skin tones.
  • Little pigmentation.

The blush is extremely subtle. I have fairly light skin; however, it gave me a light rosy glow. In my opinion, this blush doubles as a highlighter. The pale pink shade brightened up the complexion of my cheeks.

Overall, I’m happy with the Pokemon series that Tony Moly came out with. They have good products with cute packaging. You can also check out my review on their lip tints or cover cushion. Maybe the subtle color pay off of the blush has to do with the shade I ended up purchasing because it was the lightest out of three shades. However, the consistency of the blush is extremely creamy and blendable. I like the formula of the blush.

If any of you guys have tried the other shades, please let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time!

❤️ Connie

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