Covergirl Total Tease Mascara

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L’Oréal came out with a new mascara that looks like a dupe to the Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara. The packaging was rose gold so I really wanted to try it. The packaging always gets to me! I went to a couple different Target locations to look for it. Sadly, they were all sold out. I didn’t see any on display.

As I was walking down each of the aisles in disappointment, I noticed a display for a new mascara that Covergirl released. I decided to purchase it to give it a try. It’s only $7.99USD at Target.

I’ve used Covergirl Naturalluxe mascara in past. I really liked the wand and the formula but the item was discontinued.

The new mascara is called Total Tease. The shade that I purchased is in 825 Very Black. I got the waterproof formula.

Covergirl Total Tease Mascara

The interesting thing about the mascara is the wand. It has a little comb at the tip of the wand.

Covergirl Total Tease Mascara Waterproof

The product claims to provide full long and refined lashes. The tip of the wand is suppose to tease the lashes.

I have short lashes and don’t wear falsies every day.

Asian Hooded Eyes

After I curled my eyelashes, I applied the mascara to one side of my eye. I used two coats of mascara for best results.

DSC06574 (blog)

You can definitely see the mascara lengthened my eyelashes.

The formula of the mascara isn’t wet and dries pretty quickly.  It’s not likely that you’ll get mascara transfer onto your eyelids.  It doesn’t flake throughout the day either.

I personally like to use the comb part of the wand to get my lashes that are near the inner corner of my eyes. It’s pretty easy to use for the lower lash line as well. The comb helps with applying the product to little eyelashes. With a regular mascara wand, it’s hard to coat little eyelashes without getting transfer onto your skin.

Overall, the product is good and affordable. Total Tease by Covergirl doesn’t make your lashes appear like what they have on the packaging; however, it does refine your lashes as stated on the packaging.

Until next time!

❤️ Connie

P.S. If you’re looking for a product that creates more volume for your lashes, I wouldn’t recommend this product. This product only helps define and lengthen your eyelashes. Total Tease didn’t give enough volume for me to classify this as a volumizing mascara.



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