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A Makeup Blowout Sale Event

Hey guys!

I went to a makeup blowout sale event hosted by A Makeup Blowout Sale Group this past weekend. I’ve never heard of this group but saw it on Facebook. I decided to go to their event to see what products they had to offer. Entrance was free, so why not?

The Makeup Blowout Sale Group is from LA and will be hosting multiple events at different cities within California. I attended their event on Saturday. They were having a sale from 10AM-5PM for three days at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in San Jose.

makeup blowout sale group event

They had so many products at really affordable prices but from brands I’ve never heard of.

This is me trying to think about what products to swatch next. I felt like a little girl at a candy store. I wanted to try everything!


I had to pick and choose from a variety of palettes that costed $8 USD – $18 USD. The surface area of my skin was limited. I was running out of room for swatches. They did not have any makeup remover or wipes at the event. If you plan to attend their future events, bring some wipes with you. That way, you can do as many swatches without any limitations.

Even though the event had brands I’ve never heard of, I walked out with my bag half full of skincare and makeup for only $64. I really liked the quality of some of the items that I swatched and can’t wait to try the rest of the items.

Anyways, here’s my haul! 😊

Wet Detangle Professional Hair Brush

I needed a replacement hair brush. The bristles are not as stiff as a regular hair brush. I purchased this for only $7 USD.

Wet Detangle Hair Brush

S.he Oil-Control Matte Setting Spray

The product is paraben free and contains aloe vera. Aloe vera helps soothe the skin. I wanted to try out the product because I have oily combination skin. Anything that claims to be matte is appealing to me.Β  This product is going to be tested after I finished my Urban Decay setting spray. I paid $8 USD for this matte setting spray.

S.he Cosmetics Matte Setting Spray

Amuse Cosmetics Matte Long Stay Pro Eye Brow Pencil

I purchased this product for $5 USD. It reminded me of the Etude House Eye Brow Pencil that I bought when I was in Hong Kong.

Amuse Cosmetics Long Stay Matte Brow Pencil

OMG! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask

The mask costed $5 each. I bought two because my boyfriend agreed to try out this mask with me. 😁 In the past, I’ve tried many 3-step nose pore strips but never a 4-step wash off face mask. The mask was very interesting to me.

OMG! 4 in 1 zone system face mask

Beauty Treats Sugar Lip Scrub

I bought the raspberry scent for $4 USD. Going to test this product to see if it will help with my chapped lips.

Beauty Treats Sugar Lip Scrub

Beauty Creations Baked Pops Highlighter Palette

I mainly wanted to go to the event to swatch this palette. I saw this product on their Facebook page and was sold because of how cute the packaging was. The palette was only $10 USD.

Beauty Creations baked pops highlighter palette

The shades are really pretty and works well with any skin color. This palette is versatile for the days when you want to feel a little more glowy or a little more subtle. Love this!

Beauty Creations Highlighter Swatches

S.he Eyes Natural Palette

It’s really hard to not leave with a single eye palette because they had so many choices to choose from. I liked the quality and the shades of this palette the best. There’s a good variety of shimmer shades with a few matte shades that goes well with my skin tone. I purchased this palette for $8 USD.

S.he cosmetics natural eyeshadow palette

There are 3 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades. The matte colors are perfect to use as blending shades with the rest of the eye shadows. $8 USD for 12 eye shadows is such a good value. 😍

S.he cosmetics natural eyeshadow palette Swatches

Relaxus Beauty Legendary Lashes

As I was waiting in line to pay, I was drawn to the display of this mascara. It’s a 3D Fiber mascara. I’ve never tried anything like this. This product is suppose to magnify your lashes up to 300x their normal volume. It was only $12 USD at the blowout sale.

Relaxus Beauty Legendary Lashes

City Color City Chic Lipstick

I got this lipstick for free. The shade is in “Get it Girl.” For the San Jose event, they were giving out a free lipstick/lipgloss if you showed that you marked yourself as “Going” on their Facebook event page.

City Color Lipstick

They asked me to pick a product from one of their baskets. Unfortunately, many of their lipsticks and lip glosses in their baskets were opened. This was one of the few that was still sealed.

I honestly liked the event because of their price point for affordable beauty products. Not only did they sell makeup, they had hair care and skincare items for sale. So many people at the event purchased bags and bags of makeup because of how affordable their palettes were.

This post was mostly a haul of the items that I purchased. The products will be worn and tested during the next couple of months.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

❀️ Connie

P.S. There will be another blog post this Friday. It’s going to be another haul post but from Yesstyle. I wanted to make up for the missed blog post for last week. Stay tuned!

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