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Showroom Eyebrow Stencils

Happy Hump Day!

I’m not really good at doing my eyebrows. Is there anyone else on the same boat?

I personally love shopping on Yesstyle. Last month, I had to get a little Yesstyle fix so I purchased a few items. One of the items I purchased was eyebrow stencils by Showroom for $3.78 USD. Just thought I would give the stencils a try. It comes with a pack of 3 eyebrow shapes.

Showroom Eyebrow Stencil

I found it best to use my index and middle finger to hold the stencil in place as I filled in my brows.

showroom eyebrow stencil

Shape 1

  • Slimmer brows
  • Higher arch

Shape 2

  • Fuller brows
  • Slight curve

Shape 3

  • Fuller brows
  • Straight, no arch

Having these 3 different stencils allowed me to play around with eyebrow shapes I normally would not know how to draw if I had to do it free-handed.

My natural brows are pretty sparse and uneven. 😅

natural brows

I personally like Shape 2 the best on my face shape.

Shape 2 eyebrow stencil

You can see that my natural hairs are apparent outside of the drawn in stencil.

I would recommend cleaning up your eyebrows with tweezers and scissors as you play with the eyebrow stencils. If your eyebrows are thin enough, natural hairs will not appear outside of the drawn in brows.

The stencils were definitely easy to use. It does not require much thinking. You only need to put the stencils on top of your natural brows and fill it in with your favorite brow product. Brow product will get onto the stencil over time but it’s really easy to clean with a makeup wipe or tissue.

Happy brow shaping! 😊

❤ Connie

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