Took a Break. Traveled. Now I’m back.

It’s been a long long summer! Work for me is the busiest during the summer season so I took that time off from my blog without having to over stress about work. After the summer season, I was gone for half of September traveling to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Now, I’m back!

Let’s just say my trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan was fun but felt a little too short.

Hong Kong

I was able to experience the quick lifestyle that Hong Kongers have on a daily basis during my short stay. I got to see the beautiful Victoria Harbour once again. I visited the same place about two years ago. The view of how city lights look at night never gets tiring.

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

Plus, it’s always a good time to be able to take fun photos in the Sky Terrance at the Victoria Peak.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sky Terrance Hong Kong Dragon Breath

Something new I did during this trip was try out Michelin star egg puffs from Mammy Pancake. The salted egg yolk egg puff was very interesting. We got red bean matcha and matcha chocolate as well. Even though the salted egg yolk was rated the best, my favorite was the matcha chocolate.ย ๐Ÿ˜›

Mammy Pancake Michelin Star Egg Puff Hong Kong


I was in Taiwan for the first time. We visited a few night markets, old streets, and national parks. I love going to Taiwan for shopping and the food! Everything was pretty affordable.

I had the best shaved snow at Ice Monster. The milk tea and mango shaved snow was sooo yummy.

Ice Monster Shaved Snow Taiwan Taipei

I noticed they have a location in Walnut Creek. I was thinking of checking out the place to see if it’s comparable to Taiwan but noticed it’s a completed different store. The Ice Monster in Walnut Creek is similar to SnoCrave’s menu items. Very very sad life..ย Guess I’ll just have to wait until my next Taiwan visit to eat it once again

Let’s just say I had a few “firsts” in Taiwan.

  • First time releasing a lantern into the sky
  • First time visiting a natural hot spring
  • First time getting a tour of our home by an Airbnb host
  • First time riding one of the fastest elevators in the world at Taipei 101

Below is just a scenic snippet from a geopark we visited when we were in Taiwan.

Yeliu Geopark Taipei Taiwan

I bought a lot of face masks during my trip. I’ll do a post about them next week.

If anyone is interested in my full Hong Kong or Taiwan itinerary, just jet me know! I would love to share more details about everything we did on the trip to help those that plan to visit one day.ย ๐Ÿ˜Š

Until next time. Thank you for stopping by!

โคย Connie

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