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My Beauty Diary Facial Mask

Do you like sheet masks or wash off face masks?

Personally, I don’t really have a preference because I love all things that are skincare related. It really depends on my mood and what type of pampering I’m feeling for the day.

For years, I’ve been using facial sheet mask by My Beauty Diary. It’s a Taiwanese skincare brand that makes sheet masks for all skin types. They offer sheet masks for oil control, brightening, pore refining, rejuvenating, soothing and much more!

Throughout the years, I’ve tried out many different boxes. You can find them at your local Chinese grocery store like Ranch 99. They’re normally sold for $16 USD for a box of 10. In the past, I purchased them from It’s a little cheaper but takes almost a month for it to arrive in the mail. Some times tRecently, I just looked up the cost of sheet masks on The prices went up to $17 USD per box. Oh my! If you’re ever in Taiwan or see boxes for $12 USD or less, stock up!

When I got a chance to visit Taiwan few weeks ago, I had to buy some more boxes. To my surprise, stores like Watsons was having a sale on My Beauty Diary. Three boxes for $599 NTD which comes out to be less than $7 USD a box! What a steal! I was definitely a very happy traveler. I came to Taiwan looking for the sheets masks and left with many different boxes.

Reasons Why I Love My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask

  • Affordable
  • Love the way the sheet mask feels on my skin
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue
  • A wide variety of  sheet masks for different skin treatments
  • Contains a lot of serum for one use

On my trip, I purchased 3 different types of sheets masks. I bought Royal Pearl, Mexico Anastatica and Imperial Bird Nest.

Royal Pearl Facial Mask

Royal Pearl Facial mask

This is a Radiance Mask. If your skin needs a little pick me up, this is a good sheet mask to use to help brighten your complexion. Pearl extract is a very popular ingredient in a lot of Asian skincare. It brightens, moisturizes and improves the texture of your skin.

Mexico Anastatica Facial Mask

Mexico Anastatica Facial Mask

This is a Pore Refining Mask. If you have large pores, this mask will help minimize the appearance of pores. It contains aloe vera and mushroom extracts that penetrates deeply into the layers of your skin to clear out impurities.

Imperial Bird Nest Facial Mask

Imperial Bird's Nest Facial mask

This is an Emolliating Mask. If your skin is feeling a little dry, this sheet mask will help it feel hydrated. The mask restores and locks in moisture. It contains amino acids, collagen and polysaccharides extracted from Imperial Bird’s Nests to help nourish the skin.

Aloe Vera Facial Mask

Aloe Vera Sheet Mask

Out of all the different boxes that I’ve tried, my favorite has to be the Aloe Vera sheet mask. The purpose of the sheet mask is to soothe the skin. The reason why I didn’t restock on the Aloe Vera sheet mask on this trip is because I still have two boxes at home. My skin absorbs aloe vera extremely well. It’s hands-down my favorite one! I noticed it faded some of the sunspots on my cheeks from excessive sun exposure. Aloe vera is also good for those that are acne prone like me.

My Beauty Diary sheet masks are my weekly go to sheet masks. They’re very inexpensive. Due to their wide range of sheet mask, you can definitely find one that is suitable for your skin type. If you would like a cooling effect, it is recommended to leave the mask in the fridge for 10 minutes before use. It’s a nice way to pamper yourself on a warm day.

If you’re also a lover of My Beauty Diary, let me know which one is your favorite!

Thank you for stopping by. Until next time!

❤ Connie

P.S. Not a fan of sheet masks? Have you seen my post about some of my favorite wash off face masks by Origin?



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